“To dance again!”: THE BEST PROTEST EVER!

Remember that moment in Casablanca, when the French diners all stand up and sing “La Marseillaise,” to drown out the Nazi officers bellowing “Die Wacht am Rhein”? It’s been called “the greatest scene ever,” and for good reason; but this real-life expression of pure joie de vivre, by a flashmob in the Gare nu Nord, is still more wonderful, because it’s not a movie—and because the tyranny they protested so beautifully is not just gripping France (and Morocco), but nearly all the world. 

But you can’t stop the will to keep on living—really living, not just breathing in and out—by force and fraud, if more and more of us just blow it off, and live as happily as possible. They can’t put everybody in detention, or inject everyone on Earth, if people choose to dance again, together, instead of cowering six feet apart, in masks.

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