The best—and, therefore, the scariest—analysis of how this global nightmare really started

Whatever you think of Alex Jones, Jay Dyer’s analysis of what’s now happening, and its deep roots in the history of eugenics and technocracy, is absolutely spot-on. Dyer really knows his stuff, as you’ll see. (His talk begins around 10:00.) If you have an Alex Jones problem, I urge you to put up with his hyper-ventilating interruptions, because the two of them get into some good exchanges.

Also, I’m forewarning you that Dyer gets into the (there is no other way to put this) fundamental evil of what’s going on (as Dr. Michael Yeadon does). If that makes you uncomfortable, try to get past that reaction, and just think about it.

So please take time to listen to it, maybe take notes, and send this far and wide.

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Yes, AJ can certainly be annoying, but he’s also been right about a lot of what’s happening. I thought his Endgame documentary (from years ago) was very good until the end when he warned about the ruling elite’s plans for transhumanism (I thought that was too much and had to be wrong). Turns out, AJ was right and predicted all of this years in advance.

There’s a fundamental contradiction between the way elites talk about humans as malleable walking globs of meat, versus the concept of “elite” as as somehow ordained by, what, God ? (which doesn’t exist in their world) to be somehow innately better than everyone else. Consider this contradiction: Elites say all humans are equal. The logic doesn’t check out. OK, so here’s another problem: Elites view themselves above all other people, who themselves are equally inferior… maybe like humans at a zoo. But then who determines where the line is, and how is it determined?
I get the feeling that secret society bullshit is at play. F’in fratboys running the world. It probably comes down to flipping a coin or a human femur or something to determine who get’s initiated into the cabal’s empty seat for that week.
Of course, the people-who-consider-themselves-elites are certainly not top of the heap when it comes to literature, or philosophy, or music, or anything actually human; they’re top of their math class, or hedge fund, or gain of function lab. When we throw them all in jail, they will need to take daily pop quizes on Frankenstein and the concept of utilitarianism.

Bill Hicks aka Alex Jones is a deep cover CIA agent. He’s been massively debunked Mark. He got exposed many years ago. Duckduckgo research on him, you will find plenty. He’s the initial controlled opposition creation.

He’s part of the Ted Turner, Warner faction… His handlers are also Joe Rogan’s, Tim Pool, Dan Bongino. He appears to be the gateway, when ever new “characters” pop out, they come through the AJ show. Bongino started through Infowars, as others.

He’s right about the depopulation agenda, and the one world government state ambitions. Some “characters” have been playing the long game in US politics, especially the Peter Thiel/Ron Paul secessionist faction. Every single character you see on TV or mainstream is directly involved in the plan, or paid controlled oppositions they have leverage on. Every single “alt right” is an establishment creation, from Jordan Peterson to Project Veritas. Project Veritas has strong links to hardcore zionists and Bilderberg guys. Peter Thiel funded them in the past, Thiel is a board member of Bilderberg and an admitted blood drinker. He’s a rabid one world government clown, and deeply involved in human sacrifices. He always talks about Renee Girard, which was the establishment favorite luciferian author, his professor and his mentor. Renee Girard greatest work was about human sacrifices.

Not all is what it seems Mark, some of these people played the very long game, this war against humanity is coming to an end within a few years I believe. Either the eugenics wiped out, or humanity gets wiped out. They will pull the carpet from under the rug in 2022, 22 is a very important number in the establishment beliefs. False flags happen almost every year around March 19-23. Get healthy asap, we got a fight ahead. Get your typing skills polished, writing season is starting… Expose them!

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