Team Trudeau pushing for Internet censorship, to make Canadians “safer”

This law could affect all content on the Internet; and so the idea probably did not originate in Canada.

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*The Coddling of the American Mind* by Lukianoff and Haidt is becoming more relevant each passing day. Since internet content is not physically harmful, then we’re talking about psychological harm, which can (and has) been used by tyrants to censor anything they deem “harmful” to their power structure.

That is exactly the same idea behind the Inquisition in the 17th Century to condemn Galileo to death if he continued threatening the safety of the population by disseminating Copernicus ‘s dangerous and heretical heliocentric theory. Thank God that act of censorship worked out so well!

A moderated comment in The London Free Press regarding an Ontario farm country church which held a drive-in church service.

Brian Lightfoot
Lock the church up and lockup the minister. These religious cult church goers are passing the virus and ruining a good community. Too bad we can not go back in time when they would lock all people inside during a service and then burn the church down. I am tired of this stupidity.

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