Stanford study posted on NIH website finds conclusively that face masks do NOTHING to prevent the spread of COVID-19; and “our free press” totally ignores it

From Diana Cook:

Did you hear about the peer-reviewed study done by Stanford University that demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that face masks have absolutely zero chance of preventing the spread of Covid-19? No? It was posted on the the National Center for Biotechnological Information government website. The NCBI is a branch of the National Institute for Health, so one would think such a study would be widely reported by mainstream media and embraced by the “science-loving” folks in Big Tech.

Instead, a DuckDuckGo search reveals it was picked up by ZERO mainstream media outlets and Big Tech tyrants will suspend people who post it, as political strategist Steve Cortes learned the hard way when he posted a Tweet that went against the face mask narrative. The Tweet itself featured a quote and a link that prompted Twitter to suspend his account, potentially indefinitely.

He was quoting directly from the NCBI publication of the study. The government website he linked to features a peer-reviewed study by Stanford University’s Baruch Vainshelboim. In it, he cited 67 scholars, doctors, scientists, and other studies to support his conclusions.

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I’m no sure what Mark’s point is, in posting this blurb from Diana Cook.

Is Mark trying to say masks don’t work?

I’ll admit, I’ve not read any of Mark’s work — not during, nor before the pandemic — though I do have some of his books on my list of books-to-purchase.

So maybe Mark believes mask do work, and he’s posting this as an expose` on how the other side thinks. But it’s hard to decipher by reading this one post.

So, suppose Mark believes the blurb by Diana above.

Does Mark not know that articles can be posted on the NIH website by folks, without peer review, or by folks who are not directly affiliated with the NIH? (Of course, this is a horrible practice to allow, but what do we expect from a government that is infiltrated and corrupted by the wealthy class — a wealthy-class with a goal of keeping the working class divided?)

Does Mark not know that the self-proclaimed study was written by one man, Baruch Vainshelboim, who wrote it with spelling and grammatical errors, implying that he didn’t even have it edited, let alone peer-reviewed?

I know the AP, Snopes, and Lead Stories have their downsides (their fact-checks are copied&pasted below), but I’ve also read many articles, and seen/heard many interviews in which medical professionals claim masks are helpful.

So, for now, I’m going to stick with the masks.

Because even if masks don’t work, masks in and of themselves do me, nor my rights, any harm.

But if they do work, then I am not only helping myself and my family, but also strangers and society as a whole.

Good day.

Links to the aforementioned fact-checks:

I assure you, my comment above was edited and posted in an easy-to-read paragraph-format. However, it did not post in that way.

I also see a note at the bottom — “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” — so perhaps my comment will post in the way I actually wanted it to look.

Although, on a side not, having my comment moderated seems an awful lot like censorship. Luckily, I understand the difference between censorship by a private entity and the infringement of rights by the government.

Mark choosing whether or not to censor my comment is his right in a society that is business-driven by the wealthy-class, while it would be more of an infringement of rights b the government if they were to censor or remove Baruch Vainshelboim’s article from the NIH website, even if Baruch Vainshelboim is full of crap.

In recap, for those who don’t understand: Private-business-Mark censoring me = his right to do so, but the public-government-NIH censoring Baruch = rights-infringement.

Anyway, again, good day.

After further investigation, I don’t expect that my previous comments, nor this comment, will be allowed by you, Mark.

It appears you’ve gone “Alex-Jones” on us.

“…denial of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.” (

I’m glad I didn’t by your books yet.

Although, I know that your writing likely had value before you went nutty.

If I do buy them, I’ll be doing so for collection-sake, and in used-condition from a third-party.

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