Something fishy re: GoFundMe

My GoFundMe page, to raise the funds for my libel lawsuit at NYU, has—or had—been drawing donations daily, getting more as I’ve done still more interviews online; but, as of two days ago, the page appeared (as if) to freeze, with nothing coming in, despite my having lately done several podcast interviews.

Today I asked my friend Katie Leishman, the administrator of the page, to test it with a small donation, which she did, and that went through; but I think it’s possible that funds donated by others, whose names the system would not recognize, are somehow being blocked, either inadvertently or purposely.

If, then, you are a new subscriber (and I’m pleased to say that all those interviews are drawing many new ones), and are able to afford it, please consider making a donation, as I expect that, one way or the other, this process will drag on, and cost a lot. (Donations go directly into an escrow account managed by my lawyer, so I won’t be profiting from this.)

Thanks a million. The page is here (and all the documents pertaining to the case are up at

p.s. If you feel overly bombarded by my emails, as some have lately done, you can unsubscribe, then go sign up again, but this time choose the daily digest option.

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