Over a year ago, NEW SCIENTIST published—and buried—an urgent warning about the danger of “immune enhancement”

This (muffled) warning dovetails with Dr. Bhakdi’s far more urgent warning now.

From a friend in the UK:

I am sending an important article from the March 21, 2020 issue of New Scientist,in light of the new info about the so-called “safe and effective” COVID “vaccines.”

See the worrying paragraph on the last page, about untested vaccines:

“Yet with any new vaccine, there are concerns about something called ‘immune enhancement’. This can happen when a prior vaccination or infections inadvertently facilitates a virus’s ability to enter cells and make copies of itself. It means that instead of protecting you, the vaccine could make you vulnerable to more severe infection.  Harmful ‘immune enhancement’ was seen in early animal trials….”

See the attached pdf of the cover of this magazine. Considering the grave importance of the subject, it’s odd that this particular article is only available via paid subscription, and nowhere else, except that I have scanned and made a pdf of it.

I took screenshots below.

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