More shame on Lisa Krieger, and the Mercury News, for their puff-piece on Stanford’s heinous program “vaccinating” babies and young children

It gladdens me to have such sharp observers on this list. 

From Victoria Ward:

Dear Ms. Krieger,

I read your article of April 15 with horror.  Years ago I wrote to your paper concerning a puff piece on Stanford vivisection.  My letter was edited to water down my views.  Also, I learned at the time that the writer belonged to a journalists’ association that required conformity with “the science” of the day.  

Clearly things have gotten even worse.  Now U.S. children are openly fair game for experimentation.  Language has become so debased that you described them as “volunteers”.  And all it takes is for a vaccine manufacturer to announce that its vaccine is “safe and effective in adolescents as young as 12” for it to be apparently reasonable to you that it should now be “tested in much younger children”.  Never mind that, according to you, Pfizer does not even have an Emergency Use Authorization for the 12 to 15 year olds.

Lastly, where is the citation for your claim that “Because about one-quarter of all Americans are under the age of 18, the nation won’t reach herd immunity without inoculating young people.”  Surely that is a claim that requires some authority behind it.  Or perhaps authorities are less needed in puff pieces on medical experimentation on children.

Victoria Ward
Santa Barbara, California

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