Meanwhile, it seems that there may be a war with Russia….

I have a number of items ready to send out tomorrow, but this one is so urgent, on a most important matter that “our free press” has (typically) ignored, that I’m sending it out now. 

However it played here in the US (where it’s already forgotten), Biden’s claim that Putin is a “killer” with no soul is, as anyone with half a brain would naturally expect, not playing well in Russia, whose people have quite reasonably taken it as an attempt to urge… somebody to assassinate their president—who, being a murderer without a soul, deserves it.

That witless statement by the presidential hologram suggests—let’s hope—that those who feed the presidential hologram its lines were caught off-guard by his remarks, which cannot possibly have happy consequences. Here is a (typically) acute analysis by Scott Ritter, who should, but never will, be among Biden’s advisors:

And here’s a chilling rundown, by The Saker, on what’s happening in Ukraine, where, under Biden and his crew of other “humanitarian” warmongers from Obama’s blood-soaked tenure, the US is picking up where that whole bunch left off, while NATO’s closing in (again), and Russia is on high alert. 

Funny how “the pandemic” has, despite the startling uptick of new COVID deaths since they rolled out their magic faux-vaccines, not slowed the US war machine one bit.

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