MCM on propaganda and the demise of higher education, on the BadChristian podcast

p.s. MCM’s interview on BadChristian starts at 20:00

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Fascinating conversation. I think it was Matt who said he grew up in an evangelical environment where professors were considered evil and should be avoided at all costs! But now the oversensitive left is leveling those same charges against you!
As an atheist, I eventually realized that my faith in government was just as much a religion as any other. Many atheists, quite theistically, worship at the altar of the State, replete with moral superiority and the certitude that science is on their side…that a lengthy stint in academia renders them immune to propaganda and [gasp] “conspiracy theories.” After all, they’re smarter than FNC deplorables, right? The problem is, blindly following pseudoscience-inspired government diktats such as lockdowns, masks etc. is *religious* behavior. Wasn’t the “scientific atheism” cult of the Soviet era and destruction of churches and synagogues meant to steer citizens into worshipping the State?

That guy is a mainstream talking head… You’re the “quack” now Mark, you speak the truth and are against the narrative. You have to remember, that when you do these interviews with people who are on platforms where they cannot disagree with the narrative, they will be really obtuse to reality. It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon him not understanding it…

You’re not allowed to speak of the truth like you did with Bretigne, which I find was your best one yet and I became a fan since then. I wouldn’t specifically say he was controlled opposition, who really knows, but anybody who makes a living from youtube (google),apple, spotify and these kinds of established owned companies, will go along with the fake narrative.

The guy is co signing masks for crying out loud, if you would of mentioned germ theory being a fraud, he would of ended the interview, guaranteed.

Do a part two with Bretigne and go all in! Expose the eugenics and their demented population reduction plan currently happening. The rothschilds family! Mass genocide in Israel as we speak.

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