MCM discusses NYU, propaganda, censorship, “divide and conquer,” and much more with Tessa Leena

A good, long conversation that I hope you will enjoy as much as we did.

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One of the most heartwarming conversations I’ve ever heard, and certainly the most important since covid started. I hope you and Tessa will consider doing more interviews – maybe on a weekly basis on Rokfin… you’d quickly get a large following and many donations.
Your perspective, your wisdom is so vital to us now, Mark, especially for how you might spark a movement within the ‘left’ to WAKE THE F___ UP!!!!

Wow. Fascinating discussion. Some highpoints for me were:
1. Tessa’s religion analogy of [technocrats replacing modern Christians] as [Christians replaced Native Americans].
2. Mark’s thoughts on race, especially on the ghettoization of black culture by Bezos et al, by patronizingly labeling things “black.” A few years ago I learned that Mahler was Jewish. I learned the same about Mendelssohn but only years after initially playing their music and studying their lives. How patronizing it would have been, maybe even anti-semitic (?) if I had learned that they were *Jewish* composers, rather than just composers?
3. Tessa’s experience with spousal abuse, and how that helped her see the Covid19 *societal* abuse. What a great story, although sorry she had to go through that. Andy Steele (of 911 Free Fall) has a similar analogy to society’s subconscious realization about 9/11: An abusive family member who shows up at a dinner party will be welcomed and all of their crimes momentarily ignored, simply for the benefit of keeping polite society intact.
Wish I could have been there, in that room, having that discussion! It was therapeutic just to see two people breathing the same air and laughing.

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