Israeli lawyers suing Bibi’s government for crimes against humanity, over its unholy deal with Pfizer

Meanwhile, the US left—Bernie Sanders, Jewish Voice for Peace, Code Pink et al.—is outraged that Netanyahu will not share that Pfizer “vaccine” with the Palestinian people. That those people have been living under double lockdown all this time, making them more miserable than ever, evidently matters less to those blind activists than that the Palestinians don’t have “access” to the elixir that’s been killing, badly injuring, and sterilizing those Israelis fortunate enough to have it forced on them.

I’m sure the authors of the COVID crisis also want the Palestinians to be “vaccinated,” and wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve seen to it that those activists enjoy sufficient funds to keep up their campaign.

From Kristina Borjesson: 

I don’t know how long YouTube is going to let this show live; so please send this far and wide:

Israeli lawyers and human rights activists Arie Suchovolsky and Ruth Machnes have filed a petition against Israel, charging that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Yule Edelstein, Israeli Minister of Health, have violated Nuremberg codes forbidding experimentation on human subjects. According to Suchovolsky and Machnes, the Israeli government made a deal with Pfizer/BioNTech, to deliver Israel’s citizens as subjects for experimental genetic treatment—an arrangement that required draconian measures to force injection of the population with Pfizer’s “vaccine.”

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