In this forbidden interview, C.J. Hopkins shines a brilliant light on “the Covidian cult” and “the New Normal”

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He too has been much-abused as a “conspiracy theorist,” mostly by Americans and Brits. (He lives in Germany, where, he notes, the COVID tyranny is—all too obviously—not uniquely German.)

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Wow. Thanks for posting this! Watching CJ Hopkins for the first time was like putting on glasses for the first time, especially when he talked about GloboCap and the “value” of Shakespeare.
My favorite part, though, is when he mentioned his far-future dystopian Zone 23 book as meant to be the third in a trilogy, the second of which would take place in the Age of Emergency Measures. He can’t write that book now because it would “basically be a Covid book.” How terrifying is that? He can’t finish the trilogy because we’re already living in his dystopian universe! It would be more of a newspaper than a novel.

Well, this video has been redacted on OurTube, unfortunately, as of April 16, and I regret that I first learned of its existence today/night, on May the Fourth Be with You; the Death Star, it appears, has struck back. Prof Miller’s excellent interview with James Corbett–also a recent runner-a-fouler-of YouTube’s impeccable “Community Standards”–led to my Quixotic search for the interview with CJ, who writes quite candidly satirically about “What’s going on,” to perhaps quote Marvin Gaye. I’ve seen/heard the Useful Idiots interview, which was my intro to the Mark Crispin Miller propaganda story. By the way, I’m with Tessa Lena’s perspective: Klaus Schwab’s gonna lose; however, it may be a mess getting to that “loss.” In fact, it’s already been a mess, circa 2020, the COVID circus. Incidentally, I am sometimes published at Dissident Voice, and my pieces do deal with the ongoing propaganda paradigm of our times, including the New York Times. Todd

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