I’m moving NFU to Substack


Now that Glenn Greenwald, C.J. Hopkins and Celia Farber have all moved to Substack, I’ve decided we should move there, too. It will be more efficient and reliable than the platform we’re using now, it will be easier for me to use, and there appears to be no risk of censorship (at least not now).

This will mean that what I publish will now be behind a paywall, so that I’ll be charging those who can afford it an annual subscription fee of $50. As I want everyone who’s on the list to keep on reading my material, and don’t want anyone who’s strapped to be unable to sign on, I will comp all those who ask me to. (This also means that the NFU website will be unnecessary, so I’ll retire it once we’ve made the move.) If you want to be comped, then, please let me know, by emailing me at And if you’ve already donated as much as the subscription fee, or more, and that strikes you as enough, then tell me, and I’ll comp you, too. It may take us some time to sort this out, so, until we do, I will keep sending my emails as usual.

Many thanks for sticking with NFU. You’re a great (dare I use the word?) community, which I plan to keep going in any case.


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I’ve only had occasion to read one thing on substack, and it had the option beneath the subscribe button to “Let me read it first,” which seemed to give free access.

I don’t know if that’s the default or an option that you have to enable, but wouldn’t that be much simpler and better than having people send you emails asking for comps?

This has become one of my main news sources since I found out about you last year, and I would hate to see viewership limited by putting this stuff behind a paywall when it is so important to reach as many people as possible right now.

Mr Miller, I searched for your Substack page but received message “No results for Mark Crispin Miller”. If your keeping an email list for your Substack launch please add me to any notification you send and I will subscribe for a year. I hope that you prevail in your case and wish you the best. Thanks Steven

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