Have you felt sick and weird and very tired since getting that “vaccine”? Well, it’s all in your head, say “experts”

So you get the COVID jab, either because you’ve been conned by the Big Lie about it, or you had no choice, because you have to do it to go to class, or keep your job; and afterward you feel all wrong—exhausted, tremors in your hands or face, trouble walking. You sensibly assume that those are side effects of that “vaccine”; but, as the “experts” noted in this article observe, you’re wrong— because those problems are all “symptoms of a real, brain-based disorder that sits at the intersection of neurology and psychiatry.” In other words, it’s all in your pretty little head.

This is just one more egregious lie contrived by bought physicians, to protect the profit margins of Big Pharma, and the health insurance racket. For years they’ve pushed the same counter-intuitive “explanation” of the countless vaccine injuries and deaths resulting from the fiendish over-vaccination of our children and ourselves. Your child gets the MMR vaccine, or the barrage of other shots at two months old, or the HPV vaccine when she’s much older; and that child is changed forever, or dies a few days later, after becoming dull and feverish immediately after the injection(s). That may be what you saw with your own eyes, but, these “experts” tell you, it’s a coincidence—which is like saying that your vomiting and diarrhea for hours soon after eating some bad clams was a coincidence.

Profoundly stupid though it is, that line is widely used, because the truth “could fuel vaccine hesitancy”—as one “expert” puts it in the article below—and “we” surely don’t want that. (It figures that the propaganda blast below comes from Massachusetts General Hospital, since it’s in bed with AstraZeneca and Pfizer, as it just took me less than a minute to find out online.)

That’s much the same old lie the CDC still tells about Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and whatever other “mystery” illness whose proper treatment They don’t want to subsidize, and/or whose US military origins They don’t want to admit. So there are still too many neurologists and other “experts” who psychologize your genuine torment away, telling you “you’re just depressed.” Take this medication, you’ll be fine.

That’s how women in particular have long been treated, and, increasingly, how such “experts” now treat everyone who’s been severely harmed by the malpractice dictated by the medical-industrial complex—and that’s a lot of people, whose numbers, I am very much afraid, will soon be spiking exponentially, because of those experimental and ill-tested new “vaccines.”

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