Facebook censors NY Post report on BLM co-founder’s $3.2 million purchase of four homes

Why? That is, what’s the given reason for this censorship? The real reason may pertain to Patrice Khan-Cullors’ actual function as either a state-sponsored “radical,” or a functionary of the World Economic Forum, or both.

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Because they both answer to the same puppet masters… Soros poured over 400 million into BLM since 2016, it’s an investment to destabilize then promote secession. Mark Zuckerberg is a creation, it’s extremely clear when you hear the guy speak, that he doesn’t run or know anything that’s actually going on at the company. Sheryl Sandberg operates Facebook, Mark is the figurehead. The guy has trouble coding, few articles detail it, about how the employees were stunned to learn he had difficulties writing a few lines, and that it would take him hours for something extremely basic. He’s almost autistic, he can’t code and has an IQ barely above 100. Facebook was a DARPA project, then funded by rothschild controlled CIA/In-Q-Tel. Peter Thiel, who sits on the board of Bilderberg and close protege of jacob rothschild, was the first “investor”, go figure… Elon Musk, Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey are the same, 3 stooges that are the faces of companies that are actually controlled and operated by the establishment. Jack Dorsey was a massage therapist before “creating” Twitter.

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