Eyewitness account of an “adverse reaction”

From Janet Supriano:

Time duration of this episode was about 40 minutes.

Waiting for an Rx to be filled at the pharmacy in the back of the Walgreens store, where people are also lined up to get the poke.  I noticed 2 young men standing, either pre or post jab. I heard a commotion and stepped back in time to see one of the men collapse onto the floor.  His friend/brother was trying to lift him to the chair, but the kid was out cold.

Personnel came running from behind the counter, incl. a pharmacist with 2 Epipens.

The young man finally woke up and with help, sat in the chair…..absolutely every drop of color drained from his face.  He kept wiping his forehead like he was hot.

I motioned for him to pull off his mask.  I overheard he was 20 yrs. old, a year younger than my grandson. (so ask me if my heart felt anything)

Eventually, EMTs showed up, but the young man was finally able to walk.  Very unsteady and still no color.  Personnel had gotten him water and apple juice.  

I caught a Mgr. and asked what vaccine Walgreens was using.  Pfizer.

Since I was waiting for an Rx to be filled and it took quite awhile with what had happened, I had lots of time to talk to people and raise my flag!  I even convinced an 81 year old woman who was wearing a paper mask AND a shield to take the mask off, cuz the shield was plenty of protection.  She hugged me, the perpetually unmasked one/ We had a nice little talk.  Also exchanged phone #s with a woman whose mask was hanging off her chin.

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