CORRECTION to my subject line of April 8, re: those “vaccines” having “largely CAUSED the current wave of UK deaths,” etc.

Let it never be said that NFU buries retractions/ corrections on (as it were) an inside page, or does not run them at all (like, say, the New York Times).

I’ll add that others have sent me sensible corrections since I fired off that subject line, but I find Mario Hubert’s to be the most detailed.

Having said all that, there is an urgent need for solid information on how many of the recent deaths and hospitalizations all around the world—as in, e.g., Israel and Gibraltar—have been caused by those “vaccines.” That there’s no government agency keeping track of all “adverse reactions” is suspicious in itself, and ought to be pursued by honest journalists (if any).

Dear Prof. Miller,

Regarding your announcement on April 8th, the paragraph you quote might suggest the conclusion that you draw, but the aim of the document is not to say anything about the “current wave of deaths and hospitalizations in UK”. Rather, the document, as well as the quoted paragraph, refers to a possible future wave around August ’21. It’s an update of the models made by the University of Warwick and the Imperial College about the future development of the current crisis. They predict that among the hospitalized due to Covid around half will be vaccinated adults above 50, and among the deaths due to (or with) Covid, most will be vaccinated and above 50. In this model, the authors do not claim to show evidence that the vaccines caused the deaths, but that because of statistical reasons, namely, assuming that a significant amount of people older than 50 will have been vaccinated by then (“high levels of uptake in the most at-risk age groups”), we face these situations. And that’s because the elderly remain the highest risk group for having complications with Covid and because there is a higher rate of “immunisation failures” among the elderly (I guess that is because the effectiveness of vaccines may decline with age and again because of the large number of people above 50 that will be vaccinated by then). The authors also predict that the total number of people hospitalized or dying around August will be significantly lower than now. One can, of course, disagree with the assumptions and the arguments in the model, but this document does not provide “evidence, (quietly) provided by the British government” that the vaccines will cause these hospitalizations and deaths.

Let me also emphasize that I regularly check your website, and I have learnt a lot from the documents you link to, which gave me a broader and more informed perspective on propaganda and the current crisis. I really appreciate your work; therefore I wrote to you to point this out. 

Kind regards,
Mario Hubert

Mario Hubert

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