An eager bevy of Big Pharma shills demand “a global strategy of ‘maximum suppression'”

All those new COVID-19 “variants of concern” require a global strategy of “maximum suppression,” because “vaccines will not be enough”to wipe out those demonic offshoots of “the coronavirus.” So claims an impressively credentialed team of (and I say this with all due respect) avid medical-industrial whores, as every single one of them works for a corporate entity that’s been lavishly funded by Pfizer, GAVI and/or the Gates Foundation, as well as (in the case of the Oceanically named Earth Institute) Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis—and GE, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo and Monsanto, among other corporations notorious (among those who pay attention) for their ruinous impact on our health, and planet Earth—which these generously funded experts call for locking down completely, and (no doubt) forever, to enable “prompt vaccine rollouts,” and prevent the global population (or what’s left of it) from ever congregating, for whatever reason, or, for that matter, procreating:

Public health leaders should focus on efforts that maximally suppress viral infection rates, thus helping to prevent the emergence of mutations that can become new variants of concern.

Prompt vaccine rollouts alone will not be enough to achieve this; continued public health measures, such as face masks and physical distancing, will be vital too. Ventilation of indoor spaces is important, some of which is under people’s control, some of which will require adjustments to buildings.

I’d like to know what those “adjustments” are, and whose “control” they will be “under,” if not “people’s.” But I’m more curious to know why this appalling manifesto is on Naked Capitalism, which I’ve long admired (and which put up The Art of the Gouge, a detailed report on how NYU squeezes cash out of its students, and what they spend that money on—a still-eye-opening document put out six years ago by NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan, a non-profit co-founded by myself, and formed to fight “NYU 2031,” the grotesque real estate expansion plan that NYU’s trustees and president tried to force on Greenwich Village).

But I digress. (I’ll save that story for my memoirs.) 

As for the terroristic notion of new COVID-19 “variants” requiring ever more new “vaccinations,” please read Keith Rushworth’s meticulous analysis (attached), and weigh in if you please.

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One of the commenters said this, “On NPR an epidemiologist was interviewed and said that 1/3 of the people who contacted covid (includes asymptomatic people) have sustained neurological problems as serious as brain strokes, hemorrhage, psychosis, suppression of mental function as well as cardiac, kidney, liver disorders etc. That means that in the US, at least10,000,000 people will have serious neurological problems.” I’m assuming the person means this interview:
Such fear-porn atrocity myth garbage! If this were remotely true, CNN would air a primetime series of brain damaged victims trying to tell their story, with melodramatic music, etc.. 10 million brain damaged Americans…come on, Man! Now *masks* causing brain damage, at least there’s actual evidence of that.

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