After his son’s suicide, a grieving father warns against extended lockdowns

This story offers just a glimpse of the horrendous toll that this expertly orchestrated “COVID crisis” has been taking on humanity throughout the world, the “inconvenience” of the lockdowns (as Dr. Fauci blithely called it over a year ago) having variously killed many millions more of us than COVID-19 has, or ever will.

All those deaths are the direct result of the vast “crisis” that Jane Fonda smilingly called “a gift to the left,” for which astounding callousness she’s dead to me (I’d always quite admired her as an actress, and as an activist). All those deaths are the direct result of the forced global quarantine that Samuel L. Jackson helped to propagate with his little video telling everyone to “stay the fuck home”—not a hardship when your home is a 12,000-square-foot property in Beverly Hills—for which grotesque heartlessness he’s dead to me (I think he’s a great actor). The blood from all those deaths is on the hands of, among many others, Dr. Fauci—whose beatific portrait Joan Baez has painted, for which authoritarian insanity she’s dead to me (I’ve long loved her voice, and once admired her activism). All those deaths have been tacitly approved by Bruce Springsteen, whose Trump Derangement Syndrome led him to propagate the mask mandates, by saying, on his radio show, “Mr. President, put on a fucking mask”— a brainless stance (does he think little kids should wear them, too?) for which “the Boss” is, sadly, dead to me. (Can you picture the Joads with masks on, standing six feet apart, and spritzing one another with Purel?)

If those narcissistic millionaires speak for the left, then it’s a “left” that they can keep, and welcome to it. The revolution that this country needs will come from somewhere else.

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Hi, Mark!
Long time.
I hope you are well, and I hope your health is being restored.
Please do not cite, even if you like a particular item. It is a miserable fascist rag. I do not exaggerate. Truly one of the worst media platforms in the world today.
I look forward to seeing you again on twitter, if you choose to show up.

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