A great new book about the New York Times

I’m pleased to say that I wrote the brief forward to this important book, which, let’s hope, will help give the Gray Lady the reputation she deserves. As far as I’m concerned (a media critic of longstanding, and one who’s written several Times op eds), the catastrophic harm it’s done for well over a century—and especially the harm it’s doing now—makes it no hyperbole to say that the New York Times is easily the worst newspaper in the world.

While I disagree with Ashley on some points, I think his research is impeccable, and his thesis unassailable. It should be widely read, and used in many college courses on the media and/or propaganda; so please give it a boost, as it’s self-published, and so needs all the word-of-mouth promotion we can generate.

From Ashley Rindsberg:

The Gray Lady Winked, my book about how the New York Times‘s misreporting changes history, which I may have mentioned to you in passing (even though it has consumed my life for years), is available for pre-order as a Kindle e-book and as a big, beautiful hardcover with a thrilling design by the inimitable Jamie Keenan. 

The official publication date is May 3—UNESCO World Press Freedom Day—but the book is already getting really great attention from left and right, with Glenn Greenwald, conservative historian and scholar Daniel Pipes offering high praise. The great NYU Professor of Media Studies, Mark Crispin Miller has generously contributed the book’s incisive foreword—which is not to be missed.

I think you’ll find this book meaningful and engrossing. It is, after all, the stories behind 10 shocking instances that illustrate how the New York Times deliberately and radically alters history—and how it’s continuing to do so today with efforts like the 1619 Project. 

If you want to learn more check out this viral interview in Breitbart or this great podcast episode with journalist John Solomon, who calls The Gray Lady Winked “The Best Book of the Year.” More is coming down the line, with articles and interviews from all ends of the political spectrum—left, right and everything in between. 

I know you know this, but pre-orders really make a difference to the life of a book. So, please pre-order—and, more importantly, once it’s delivered read it! And if  there’s anyone you know who might love this book, forward this email along. There’s more exciting news to come. 

With thanks!

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