A good example, from the Wall Street Journal, of how “our free press” now tells us that we’ll all get WELL by getting MORE of the “vaccine” that’s making people SICK

Bruce Miller sent me this schizoid Wall Street Journal article, which demonstrates the meltdown of the “journalistic” mind (and the many minds that read such articles and don’t perceive what’s wrong with them). Scroll down to see my annotations at the top.

This is no trivial matter, as “our free press” has been deployed to put across a terroristic narrative that has things dangerously upside-down, perversely casting the real cause of this new “surge” of COVID cases (and, this time, they appear to be real cases) as the best way to prevent them. The more of us they “vaccinate” (allegedly) against COVID-19, the more of us will catch it—a fact that they’re doing everything they can to obfuscate.

This is not mere stupidity.

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