1500 health professionals explode the “biggest health scam of the 21st century”

This is from last August, when it was totally ignored by “our free press”; and now, sad to say, it’s even timelier, this gigantic “health scam” having been abetted by so many governments, and—especially—with the rapt complicity of nearly all the media, both corporate and left/liberal.

In any case, this is an exemplary rundown on, and refutation of, the many lies comprising the whole COVID narrative.

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So a friend of mine dutifully wore her shield at Trader Joe’s today, as she has done for a year. She was stopped and told to wait outside by the Trader Joe’s bouncer who ostentatiously yelled STOP and blocked her with “certified calming techniques,” to which my friend said, “I’ve been wearing this stupid thing in your store for a year. What changed?” The bouncer then went and got the manager, who said, “The CDC. The CDC. It’s on the CDC.” He then said, “however, we can get you an Accommodation Cart,” which he then presented. This Cart of Shame was bright red, with a bright red flag on a bright red pole. It had a large placard that said, “Alternate Face-Mask Wearer,” and then “APPROVED” underneath. Fortunately, in case my friend distressed too many helpful employees, the CDC recently recommended businesses install panic buttons and safe rooms as protection from unhinged deplorables:

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