The crackdown is proceeding, all around us, day by day—and yet “the left” keeps screaming about “Trump”

However you feel about the issue of gun ownership, Biden/Harris’ move toward what we might call total gun control should chill you to the bone, as it will free the cops to break into your home without a warrant, and search for anything they like, just because they (say they) think you bought a gun. (See Martin Armstrong’s analysis below.)

Meanwhile, vaccine passports are rolling out all over, under different names, their obvious exclusionary purpose—i.e., to deny the civil rights, and, eventually, the human rights, of the unvaccinated—hidden in a cloud of soothing euphemism. If you demonstrate against it, and you own a gun, you will more than likely be defined as a “domestic terrorist”; but even if you just protest it verbally, online, you are likely to be written up as a “domestic terrorist” whether you own a gun or not, since—under Biden/Harris and their fellow Democrats—”conspiracy theory” is a weapon of “domestic terrorism,” and therefore grounds for censorship, intensified surveillance, and, (why not?) eventually, arrest.

These are just a few of the developments that should be making clear to everybody that the Democrats are now the party of authoritarian repression, of tyranny far more complete than anything that Richard Nixon ever dreamed of; and yet the loudest voices on “the left” are claiming that “the threat of authoritarianism is no longer on the horizon; it’s arrived in the GOP [emphasis added].”

That’s the title of the latest piece by Henry A. Giroux, who’s churned out essay after essay (for Truthout) warning that the USA will soon be just like Chile under Pinochet, because of Trump (and/or “Trumpism”). His latest is especially remarkable for its fixation on the imaginary “threat of authoritarianism” from the right, and its stone-blindness to the obvious reality of an unprecedented crackdown on our civil rights and liberties, effected by “the left”—that is, the Democrats, who now wield near-absolute control over the US federal government, with the full approval (and complicity) of nearly all the US media, and in full partnership with Big Pharma, Big Tech, the military-industrial complex, and all the other major corporate cartels.  

Although Giroux, no doubt, means well, his writings comprise an excellent example of the reflexive projectivity of most war propaganda, forever screaming that the enemy is doing what the propagandist’s team has either done already, is doing now, and/or plans to do, or go on doing. Thus projectivity is both a propaganda tactic (and a very effective one at that), and a symptom of the narcissistic, paranoid mentality that drives those who are endlessly at war. Given his sincerity, Giroux’s projections would appear to fall into the latter category, indicating a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, which, at this point, may be incurable (and not just in his case); and so he will, no doubt, go on, and on, and on about the “threat” posed endlessly by “Trump”—a very useful symbol of malevolence, distracting, and disarming, millions on “the left,” as “Goldstein” does in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Whatever intervention Henry A. Giroux may need, what we need is to recognize, and help all others recognize, that the rightist “threat” invoked hysterically by many on the so-called “left” does not exist, while the absolute repression that they welcome is, for all of us, quite real, advancing day by day, and likely to come down for good—unless/until we move beyond the dated tribalism pointlessly dividing We the People into “left” and “right,” so we can finally come together, and fight back, all together—fighting back to win, whatever that may take.

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Hey Mark,
glad to see you’re well enough to do battle and thank you for your service.
With due respect, you’re missing something critical here. Fascism is coming at us from BOTH directions, and it’s by this deviant dialectic that the CorpRat Elite behind BOTH Parties are able to divide the population and proceed at pace with their plans. The entire debate around covid-19 has been WEAPONIZED to ensure that anyone who questions the medical establishment is labelled ‘a Trumper.’ The asinine antics of Trump in early 2020, (along with Boring Johnson in England) were intentionally designed to terrify ‘the left’ into a knee-jerk ‘compliance with the science,’ and the right-wing responded to this by insinuating itself into the natural, predictable shock of conservatives, libertarians and independents. This created a dynamic where ‘the left’ stopped listening to critical information, and allowed the medical-establishment to DEEPEN the push into insanity, which then allowed ‘the right’ to plop ever more turds in the punchbowl of ‘liberty and truth,’ ‘against tyranny,’ (i.e. blame China in bed with Biden, etc) which ensures that the ‘left’ and ‘right’ keep splitting further and further apart. The problem is that the MASSES are moving to the right… they’re being sucked into supporting Trump and comp – “against tyrannical government” – leaving a hopelessly divided population which is the very foundation of the successful fascist takeover.
So yes, Giroux is quite wrong in that he’s seeing only one side of the danger, (while blind to his own side); yet it’s also quite wrong for you to say that the fascist danger from ‘the right’ “is not there.” It may not be in the ascendent at the moment; but a year of covidian catastrophe and now a stolen election has galvanized the conservative masses onto an organized war-footing such as Amerika has never seen, (I have contacts, and they’re organizing as we speak… they’re enraged, and feel they have both science and ‘the people’ on their side); and while ‘leftists’ today are incapable of seeing the full danger, they see enough of it that they will not respond to your call for ‘unity’ unless you also acknowledge the very real fascist underpinnings of the Trumpenproletariat.

We have to see it as a Two-Party con – always – or we’re done for.

On a personal note, have you ever considered homeopathy for your lime’s disease? A dedicated homeopath can often do wonders.

I prefer not to use my personal e-mail at this time. The one below is real but I never check it. Hope you understand.

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