Something wicked this way comes—and we can already see it now, in Israel

Victor Klemperer, the great diarist who, though born a Jew, survived all 12 years of Hitler’s “thousand-year Reich,” detested Zionism, which he saw as the mirror-opposite of “Hitlerism,” since both are far-right ideologies that fetishize “the Jews” (and, indeed, some leading German Zionists admired the Nazis in the Thirties, and the feeling was mutual, both sides—Adolf Eichmann, for one, among the Aryans—recognizing what they had in common). 

The fascistic aspect of Zionism has, as Malcolm X might say, come home to roost, Netanyahu and his gang having now extended the longtime oppression of the Palestinians to Israel’s Jews, in a manner reminiscent of the Nazis: everybody forced to mask, regardless of medical condition, the rule enforced with outright violence by the cops; and everybody pressured to get jabbed, even as the number of COVID deaths in Israel has doubled since the mass injection program started.

Thus those ruling Israel are now deploying, against the Jews, Gestapo tactics in the streets; and, in the hospitals and clinics, subjecting Israel’s Jews to an experimental “vaccination” program that recalls the “research” carried out, at Auschwitz, by Dr. Mengele, and that’s been pushed with a relentless propaganda drive recalling the invidious and all-pervasive mass manipulation engineered by Dr. Goebbels.  

Though Israel is geographically remote, what’s happening there is all too close to home, since it is clearly meant to happen here as well—and, in fact, is happening here, albeit less quickly and explicitly. Masking is near-universal throughout “blue” America, imposed through institutional and commercial rules, as well as social pressure that’s been, perversely, growing since the COVID crisis largely ended (before the COVID jabs renewed it). And the propaganda drive against the “vaccine-hesitant” is only starting to heat up. 

So let’s pay close attention to what’s happening over there—and see how Israel’s Jews respond. If any countries’ peoples should know better than to follow orders handed down without even a pretense of democracy, they are the Germans, and the Jews of Israel, some of whom remember what went down last time, and so will not accept what’s going down right now. 

Below are two appropriate pieces: an email from Ury Weiss, a Canadian Jew who always longed to live in Israel, and lately got his wish, only to find a shocking “state of terror” there; and a piece by Mike Whitney on the lethal impact of those COVID “vaccines.”

Shabat Shalom from Eretz Israel. Sorry for the delay in my response, I did not receive your initial email.

By all m eans, please share my email with your distribution. I am extremely disturbed by what’s going on in Israel with this PLANDEMIC and at the same time, I am flattered you found my writing worth sharing. A little about myself:

I am 70+ years young, born in Romania, raised in Israel, where I lived until the age of 32, when in 1982 I immigrated to Toronto, Canada. I graduated Mechanical Engineering at Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva in 1976. I worked in Israel in consulting and commissioning of Engineering Projects for 6 years. In Canada, I worked with the Automotive industry for about 8 years and 26 years in various Engineering and Management positions at Pickering Nuclear station, east of Toronto, until 2015, when I retired and returned to Israel. I have two married daughters and three grandkids in Canada. 

Throughout my life in Canada, I dreamed of the time I would return to Israel and this dream came through until last March when this PLANDEMIC hit the world, but nowhere in such a cruel and inhumane way like in Israel. I speak of personal experience because since March to September 2019, I was in Toronto as I was gifted with my third grandkid. The management of the Corona PLANDEMIC in Canada doesn’t come close to the terror instituted in Israel, by a government who lost it’s wits and marbles. In Israel wearing masks on the streets is MANDATORY and enforced with brutality and craziness. It doesn’t matter if one is asthmatic, or has medical issues, even mothers bear children in hospital wearing masks. The people had been indoctrinated into a state of fear, in Nazi style propaganda to snitch on your fellow man if they don’t comply with the crazy, draconian regulations imposed on them. I never imagined that a nation who went to wars of survival, sacrified so many of it’s best and finest, are now hiding behind stupid cloth masks fearing a virus, no scientist ever saw, or isolated.

In the last stages of my life, I witness the very ugly aspects of my people, in a way I never imagined possible. We the freedom loving people who refuse to be injected are being called murderers for refusing to take part in this crazy experimentation, which is nothing but a Russian Roulette. There is already plenty of witness evidence across the country of thousands of dead as a direct result of these Luciferian shots.

Take care and God bless.


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