Some faux-leftist lunacy on “vaccine apartheid”

Here Amy Goodman once more demonstrates her mettle as a faux-left propagandist servicing Big Pharma and Bill Gates et al. Here, though, she outdoes herself, distorting language with a ruthless zest that would have brought a smile to the reptilian face of Dr. Goebbels. (I say that with all due respect, as one who, years ago, was invited fairly often to appear on Amy’s show, and who had her visit “The Culture Industries,” a course of mine at NYU, at least twice, to talk about the pressures faced by independent journalists, she then having seemingly been one of them.)

The phrase “vaccine apartheid” is, of course, wholly appropriate to this moment of impending civil death for all who won’t get jabbed with any of the rushed, experimental COVID “vaccines” now being rolled out all over, their serious risks, true ineffectiveness and ghastly side effects completely blacked out by the media. Everything we now are free to do, like work, and play, and travel, we are likely not to be allowed to do unless we get those shots—a likelihood that’s prompted bio-freedom activists to compare those who’ll be stigmatized as “anti-vaxxers” (whether they’re opposed to all vaccines or not) to the Jews in Hitler’s Germany, forced to advertise their status as non-citizens—and subhumans—by putting on the yellow star, and keeping it in view. 

But that is not how Amy Goodman uses “vaccine apartheid.” In the universe she shares with countless others on “the left,” that looming two-class state is one in which the vaccinated will be (somehow) outclassed by the unvaccinated. How? By somehow keeping them at risk, despite the latter’s having wisely got their shots. How? By enabling “the virus” to keep mutating, into killer variants against which those initial COVID “vaccinations” will be useless. So while the “vaccinated” will be free to work, and go to movies, concerts, sports events and church, synagogue or mosque, and take the bus, board trains and/or airliners, while the “anti-vaxxers” will be shunned, shut out, and living hand-to-mouth, the latter will be comparable to white people in South Africa decades ago, and the former will be (somehow) like the blacks.  

How is this all (to put it charitably) wrong-headed? Let us count the ways, or try. 

First, this terroristic riff ignores the inconvenient fact that the COVID “vaccines” don’t prevent transmission, but are intended just to lessen the severity of symptoms (and so are really not vaccines at all).

Second, Amy’s riff ignores the no-less-inconvenient fact that viruses tend to mutate into weaker variants, which is why herd immunity has—despite the WHO-and-CDC’s  Oceanic Newthink on the subject—always been the way in which humanity gets over viral epidemics. Although viruses can mutate into deadlier versions, they generally don’t.

Third, Amy’s riff ignores the also-inconvenient fact that animals also catch viruses, which means that her mad vision of a world completely “vaccinated,” and therefore wholly COVID-free, would necessarily entail meticulous injection of every house pet and wild animal on Earth—a task that no elite, however rich and powerful, could ever possibly pull off.

Fourth, Amy’s riff ignores the widely-blacked-out-and/or-misreported fact that treating COVID-19 early, with remedies like HCQ+ and Ivermectine, among others, has proved tremendously effective, so that there’s no need for these risky new “vaccines” at all. 

No doubt there still more to say about this wicked little propaganda gem; so please feel free to say it.

Schakowsky’s point is vital: if one person in the world remains unprotected, we are all unprotected. The COVID-19 virus mutates rapidly. Highly contagious variants are spreading around the globe, including the UK, South Africa, and Brazil variants, now joined by the New York City variant. If the virus is not contained globally, it will continue to mutate and spread through unprotected populations, potentially rendering our current crop of vaccines ineffective — plunging the planet back into a catastrophic pandemic all over again.

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