Post-jab reports of vision loss and other eyesight problems (and bad headaches, lethargy, Bell’s palsy, nausea, etc.) indicate brain damage

From Douglas Yates:

Here’s a 90-minute audio report from verbatim accounts of vision (eyesight) effects from the jabs. In person after person, reports are cited showing vision loss/blurry, smoky, pixelated eyesight in the minutes and days following the jabs. This indicates brain damage. Vision loss, and other descriptions of irregular eyesight, is accompanied with extremely painful headaches, lethargy, Bell’s palsy, tinnitus, nausea, muscular contractions, and other effects.

I suggest each of these people are reporting strokes. They are caused by blockages in the fine vascular system that feeds the eye and ocular nerve. Some appear to resolve themselves, although these reports are preliminary. If not, paralysis or death result. However, such extreme outcomes are not the focus of this report.

By all tenets of medical research, if the vax program was being operated under randomized controlled trial (RCT) protocols, this level of injury would have demanded an immediate halt to the experiment. However, by labeling it an emergency, sanity is abandoned as the human toll climbs.

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