Ohio State’s new panic propaganda teaches terror (of white males bearing arms), and abject trust in the police

Times sure have changed since CSNY’s “Ohio.” While those Kent State students stood en masse against the war in Vietnam (in sync with a national protest movement that included kids of every race), those playing the multi-colored students in this video are terrified of their own peers—not, in this case, from fear of COVID, but fear of a  trigger-happy young “deplorable.” Note too that the stolid cop instructing us on how to “stay safe” from that “active aggressor” is a butch female, giving the authoritarian message in this video a deft “woke” twist.

Let’s remember that, last summer, Ohio State mandated flu shots for all students; and there is now a “popup mass COVID-19 vaccination center” on campus:

So, goodbye Columbus! 

(Note the photo at this website:

And here, for old time’s sake, is CSNY shredding it, in Toronto, back in 2000:


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