If you should want to contact Rutgers, to weigh in on their decision to mandate the C-19 “vaccine,” here’s how

A friend compiled this list:

FYI, I found these contact emails for Rutgers.  This list includes the team that agreed/decided on the COV vax mandate, according to their web site.

Research and Sponsored Programs – Pre-Award • New Brunswick / Piscataway:
• Newark / RBHS:
• Newark – Legacy Rutgers:
• Award Set-up (Pre-award):
Grants and Contracts – Post-Award 
• General:
• Invoices:
• Effort Reports:
• GCA Helpdesk:
Institutional Review Board – IRB 
• Rutgers – Arts & Sciences:
• Health Sciences – New Brunswick:
• Health Sciences – Newark:
• IRB Reliance Agreements (e.g. sIRB):
Corporate Contracts 
Responsible Conduct of Research (Conflict of Interest)
Export Control

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