Here’s what may be really dangerous about those mRNA “vaccines”

From Josh Mitteldorf (to Kathy Dopp, responding to her caveat about the mRNA story):

Hi, Kathy:

    Thanks for your skepticism. I haven’t looked into the claim deeply. I think it’s a possibility [that mRNA deactivates tumor-suppressing proteins], and it’s fun to circulate it in our circle of COVID rebels. But I’m more interested in the question of what we should prevent for consideration by those who are not already convinced.

     My message has been: We know this “vaccine” is a new technology, and we have have every reason to think it has long-term effects on the body’s immune system. In the past, we have gauged those long-term effects before licensing vaccines, even when they are not based on new technologies, and we have found some positive long-term effects and some negative long-term effects. In the case of the COVID vaccines, we have rushed them out to hundreds of millions of people without any idea what the long-term effects are. By any standard of medical practice pre-2020, this would be considered irresponsible, dangerous, some would say criminal. Is COVID19 really such a threat that it justifies massive experimentation with human lives at stake?

    And here’s my new message, which I welcome you to try out: The COVID virus is usually gone from the patient within a few days. What gets people into the hospital and sometimes kills them is called a cytokine storm. The body is overreacting with inflammation so strong that it can be suicidal. This is how people die of COVID. The virus doesn’t kill them directly.

   Fast-forward to the vaccine. Vaccines have the function of prepping the body, ensuring a stronger immune response the next time the pathogen appears. If all goes well, the virus appears, the body is ready for it, and the immune system wipes out the virus quickly, before it can take hold. No further action is needed, and the patient doesn’t become sick. But when things go badly, the virus appears and the body reacts TOO strongly, going quickly into cytokine storm mode. The virus can be MORE deadly to people who have had the vaccine. This is called “pathogenic priming”, and it is not just a theoretical possibility. It happened repeatedly in ferrets during testing of earlier coronavirus vaccines, and that’s why we haven’t had coronavirus vaccines until this last year.

   The current crops of vaccines have been confirmed to provoke an immune response in humans. The question is, how often will the response be appropriate, and how often will it be in the regime of pathogenic priming? In other words, how many people will avoid the disease because they have been vaccinated, and how many will have a MORE SEVERE CASE because they’ve been vaccinated? The abbreviated vaccine trials were not designed to answer this question, but there are now millions of people who have been vaccinated, and it will be important to watch them and see.
– Josh

One reply on “Here’s what may be really dangerous about those mRNA “vaccines””

To me, the biggest concern is the nanotech itself. With nanotubes being found in food, spraying programs (the air) and in these “vaccines”, how do we know the full scale changes this makes in a human? Considering Biden appointee Tom Vilsack, aka Mr. Monsanto is doing his best to promote gmo products through toxins like glyphosate, there is a circumstantial case to be made that for reasons unknown, there is a rather clear push to get this nanotech into as many humans as possible. Call me crazy, but when Moderna brags about their gene therapy jab as being an “operating system”, i have to wonder who the real programmer is and why. Considering we know all non-vaccine treatments for covid have been artificially suppressed, this nanotechnology should be immediately investigated by an independent body and all gmo food, spraying and vaccinations halted until further evidence is obtained.

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