GREAT TALK by Dr. Ryan Cole, on the pandemic (which is OVER), outdoor masking (“insanity”), and—especially—the crucial role of VITAMIN D

He notes, among other things, that “the darker-skinned populations” are especially deficient in Vitamin D, and, therefore, especially at risk of catching all contagious illnesses, because our immune systems can’t function properly without that vitamin. 

So—again—why do Dr. Fauci and the CDC not churn out truthful propaganda on the need for everyone to supplement their diets with Vitamin D, and get as much sunlight as possible (which means, of course, take off that f**king mask, and face the sun)? 

That’s a rhetorical question. And here’s another: If black lives matter so much to them, why has BLM said nothing on this issue? For the same reason that they haven’t said a word about the catastrophic impact of the lockdowns on innumerable “black lives.”

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