A friend in Britain tells of her “adverse reaction” to the AstraZeneca “vaccine”

From Katie H. in the UK:

Felt immediately fatigued as soon as the jab was applied. Sat down for 15 minutes‎ before leaving the clinic, was feeling lightheaded when I left the premises. Felt incredibly tired over the next 3 to 4 weeks, with swollen glands as if I were coming down with a flu. Where I was injected was itchy like I had been bitten by a flea or mosquito. 6 weeks later am still more tired overall since first oxford vax jab, not looking forward to the 2nd one.

I continued to test negative for the twice weekly lateral flow self-testing for covid.‎ Peer pressure to get vaccinated was intense even though it was voluntary. 

Other co-workers (work for NHS in northwest UK) all jumped at the chance to get the pfizer first jab in early Jan, ( I waited for the oxford AZN to become available as I heard it was less toxic than pfizer) in mid-Feb‎ and nearly everyone (I spoke to 9) were ill for the first 48 to 72 hours as if they had the flu to the point where they could not do anything except stay at home and some took sick leave as well. Symptoms were a swollen arm where they were jabbed and feeling like they had a mild flu. One co-worker caught Covid less than a week after the pfizer jab. 

Everyone in my office got vaccinated with pfizer first jab in order to return to normal asap. Everyone had some ‎sort of a reaction but no one reported it.

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