Postscript to the petition in defense of David Miller

David Miller serves on the board of the Organisation for Propaganda Studies, as I do; and I am proudly standing with him as he faces fierce attack (by Zionist interests, in his case).

However, I do not approve of the petition’s faulting the Israeli government for failing to inject the Palestinian people with the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, which I don’t think is safe enough for use on Jews OR Palestinians—or anybody else. To cast access to that vaccine as a human right strikes me as a grave error, since, in my view, its rushed development and quasi-forcible administration—and the universal media blackout on its actual effectiveness and often horrid side effects—together constitute a crime against humanity.

One reply on “Postscript to the petition in defense of David Miller”

Mark, there are Arabs both Muslim and Christian who are Israeli citizens, represented in the legislature and have usual right under the law. These citizens are offered to receive a vaccine on the exact same terms as Jewish citizens of all stripes. To claim otherwise is slanderous, and does not deserve my support.
Those people residing I’m in territory under the Palestinian autonomy control are the responsibility of their own government the Palestinian Authority, who collect their taxes and set their own laws and policy. In many ways they already are considered to be their own country, and Israel has neither the right nor the obligation to tend to their medical needs.
I am a dual citizen of US and Israel and have been to some of the areas now called Palestinian back when it was safe to do so., and know the lay of that land better than you do.
You might indeed consider me a Zionist, but I am also a conservative and enjoy your writing.

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