What we’re going to get from Biden/Harris (2)

With Trump preparing to sky up at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, and no sign of the cinematic last-minute deliverance that’s been feverishly foretold by many True Believers on the right (and no doubt also floated as QAnon-style disinformation), it’s time for everybody on the right and “left” to face reality, because the “left” too has been shockingly deluded as to who Joe Biden is, and who the Obamanids that he’ll be reinstating, really are, and what interests they all have always served, and will serve now. (As Delegator-in-Chief, Biden—assuming he survives inauguration, and then the strains of settling in—will be Delegator-in-Chief, like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.)

Here are two pieces on that subject, an interview with Glenn Greenwald and a more focused column by Jon Rappoport. There are surely many more, and more to come.

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