This “war on domestic terror” is an elite war on dissidence of any kind, in furtherance of Their war against the people. (Glenn Greenwald hits it out of the park)

The mood of jubilation over the departure of Trump/Hitler must jar anyone who’s noticed the Hitlerian overtones of Biden’s jubilee: his demand for US troops to swear on oath of loyalty to HIM (as the soldiers in the Wehrmacht swore fealty to their Fuehrer, not to Germany); the visual grandiosity of the inaugural gala, as if Leni Riefenstahl and Albert Speer helped out as consultants; the weirdly black-themed costumerie, and all those black masks, recalling the occultist death-death aspect of the SS and Hitler’s public rituals; the immediate exploitation of the “insurrection” in the Capitol for a vast crackdown on all opposition, just as the Reichstag fire was used to push through the Enabling Act; and the blunt declaration of a WAR agenda, aimed mainly at the Kremlin, and its millions of alleged puppets all throughout “the homeland” (as the Nazis liked to call Germany). 

Oh, but the US has now rejoined the Paris Accords, and Biden has a multi-colored cabinet, and mouths full commitment to the fight against racism (pretty funny, coming from someone with his history), and, of course, we now have our First Black Female Vice President. One has to be completely blinded by Trump-hatred not to see what such woke gestures are meant to hide: that this regime is all about the Party’s total rule, full alliance with Big Pharma, Monsanto and Big Tech (think IG Farben/IBM), and total WAR on “terror,” as projected onto Russia (and Syria and Venezuela), and reflexively ascribed to all Americans opposed (on ANY grounds) to what’s now coming down, and that will also soon come down on most of those now thrilled that this is happening.

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