The Biden/Harris inauguration was the first of its kind. Here’s hoping it will (somehow) be the last.

Back in the Bush/Cheney era, critics of that (unelected) regime noted the stage-set fakeness of Dubya’s “ranch,” and of his quickie strictly-for-the-camera visit to New Orleans post-Katrina, when he promised to (to coin a phrase) build it all “back better” (which, of course, never happened).

Those fake-outs were authenticity itself by contrast with the Biden/Harris inauguration, which nevertheless has had all too many Democrats exulting—some even claiming to be deeply moved—as if the whole thing weren’t an ice-cold propaganda fraud. At least Hitler’s theatricales, and Mussolini’s, had huge, enthusiastic audiences, whereas this one had—uncannily—none at all. Which tells us plenty about where we are today, Trump or no Trump.

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