Pfizer demo in NYC cancelled, for fear of disruption and violence (by “Antifa”)

Why would an “anti-fascist” group attack a demonstration against forced vaccination? 

From Elliot Crown:

At the regular Sunday anti-lockdown rallies at Union Square, determined infiltrators regularly appear and disrupt the proceedings. Antifa is blamed, but I don’t believe it is Antifa; they are being weaponized and used. 
[This use of “Antifa” comes straight out of the Operation Gladio playbook—MCM.]

Here is the autism group’s explanation for their cancellation. (I plan on showing up anyhow, with a mask protest. Not sure my friends will participate in the performance with me at this point.)

Some people have been wondering why we made the decision to postpone the Rally against Mandatory Covid-19 Shots originally scheduled for Wednesday, January 13 at the Pfizer headquarters on 42nd Street in New York City. We did it for two reasons: concern about potential highly disruptive political situations, and concern that rally goers may become targets for violence by groups that disagree with our goals.

The event was scheduled with the assumption that the election process would end without incident on January 6. As we all know, that did not happen. Political tensions are at unprecedented levels right now. Organizers of our event became concerned that potentially chaotic events could happen this week, such as the possibility of the President invoking the Insurrection Act, the imposition of martial law or other extreme unforeseen situations.

Whenever we have a demonstration our foremost concern is the physical safety of the people we encourage to attend. We believe that recent events have created reason to be concerned for the safety of rally participants. On Sunday a political rally was scheduled for Columbus Circle in New York City. The rally organizers learned they would be targeted by a large Antifa group and cancelled the rally. Antifa held a march through Columbus Circle anyway, where an attack on a Polish journalist was captured on video which also showed New York City Police not offering any assistance to the journalist during the attack. An outdoor political event in Union Square was also disrupted by Antifa later on Sunday. Antifa has repeatedly harassed political events for vaccine rights.

We had no compelling reason to hold the event specifically on January 13, but we do have a reasonable doubt for the safety of the people who would come to the rally. We also believe that political tensions will eventually diminish in New York City following the inauguration and with it the possibility of having an uninterrupted event.

Consequently, postponing the rally seemed prudent. We are not being silenced. We are not surrendering. We are choosing to fight on our terms, not those created by our opponents. We have been in this for more than 15 years. We are not going away. Stay tuned.”

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