Measles vaccine introduced in 1963, years AFTER the mortality rate had flatlined

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And what does “the science” say, more generally, about the impact of vaccines on the mortality rate of infectious diseases? The answer is at odds with the religion of vaccine absolutism—a blind faith that justifies the current global rollout of the COVID-19 elixir (which, since its purpose is not to prevent infection, but to mitigate symptoms, isn’t really a vaccine).  

Inconveniently, “the science” tells us that, by and large, the mortality rate of infectious diseases has, historically, declined because of improved sanitation (soap and sewerage), and clean drinking water, not vaccination. 

That so many educated people are unconscious of this simple fact attests to its complete suppression by the media, and in our schools. So we’re obliged to do our best to make it known, just as it’s becoming downright dangerous to do so.

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