Leftists cheering for the censorship of rightists (or anybody else) will eventually be blacked out, too

It should not be necessary to point out that free speech just for some means no free speech at all; but, in our now-degraded civic culture, one has to say it.

From Paul Lehto:

The current wave of censorship will hit all people with political principles on both sides of the aisle and should not be supported. Here is my argument when I talk to Democrats/progressives:

Not meaning to disagree with the many critiques, I nevertheless urge caution because the MSM is enciting progressives out on a plank. If we engage in retribution rather than justice respecting everyone’s constitutional rights, when the other side comes for us, rest assured the MSM will NOT have our backs! 

Example: Rep. Cori Bush moving to expel Republicans for statements related to challenging electors. Statements by a Congressperson are normally absolutely privileged under the Constitution from criminal prosecution or retaliation (ethics panels may review and censure etc however). 

But when and if Rep. Cori Bush or any other progressive is one of the lone votes against the next war, rest assured Republicans will come after her and will be joined by some Democrats —  and you can be absolutely assured that the MSM will not have the back of progressives. Even though they now encourage expel motions with favorable coverage they will also help run progressives out of office when they challenge the system. 

This, in the long run, seems to be about amputating both political wings and censoring lots of speech. Specifically it is about the political death of those who challenge the system (remember that incitement of violence is always illegal so we do not need to change principles in order to seek justice here)

Big Tech encouraged and gave billions in free coverage to Trump and should not be heard to claim a principled concern NOW. For them it is about power and control not principle of any kind. 

If Twitter can ban a President totally (when they could just delete incitement tweets which is not protected speech and others could prosecute them as well) then Twitter can do so much more to progressives or others and for far less good cause. 

The rapidly increasing censorship axe currently falls on Republicans but will soon fall on progressives and others as well, as has happened in the past. And the MSM will not have the backs of progressives and others when that happens. They will support the ouster of all on both sides who dare to challenge the establishment or the power of Big Tech.

Now, consider whether the above axe won’t fall even harder on anyone else who challenges elections. 

Paul Lehto, J.D.

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