Here’s hoping that Inauguration Day is not a rerun of Nov. 22, 1963

With the fracas in the Capitol now having been black-magically transformed into a fascist “insurrection,” a propaganda fantasy cemented into every mind attuned to the Establishment, the groundwork has been laid for something ugly happening in Washington this Wednesday—groundwork that Team Biden, and the media, are reinforcing daily, if not hourly.

We have Joe Biden “expected to received Secret Service protection with a new team that is more familiar to him and replacing some agents amid concerns that they may be politically allied with Donald Trump,” reports the ever-serviceable Guardian, evoking memories (for those who have one, and know a little about Dallas ’63) of the role the Secret Service played in JFK’s assassination. And we have Biden’s transition team reportedly asking “if it would be possible to determine which soldiers voted in GOP primaries or who have contributed to GOP candidates so commanders could station them away from the president-elect. The request was refused[,] fueling their fear of attack.”

Although “America United” is the theme of this inaugural (a common theme of such events since Nixon promised, laughably, to “bring us together”), those highly visible expressions of concern are terroristically divisive, casting everyone who voted for Trump/Pence or even everyone who didn’t vote for Biden/Harris—as a clear and present danger to Joe Biden’s life. Thus fully half of the American people (if not more) are each and every one of them an alt-right Lee Harvey Oswald: one maddened unto homicide, not by Marxist- Leninist dogma, as he was said to be, but by all those dangerous “conspiracy theories” of election theft, and, no doubt, every other scandal that’s been stridently declared taboo by “our free press” since—or before—Trump’s own inauguration, concerning Hillary as well as Joe (and Hunter) Biden. 

All such “theories” aren’t just wrong, we’re often told, but deeply dangerous, as threatening to America’s survival, and democracy itself, as all such “theories” of COVID-19—its laboratory origins, its true lethality, the actual infectiousness of asymptomatic “cases,” the uselessness of all those tests and masks and “social distancing,” the efficacy of remedies like HCQ and Ivermectin, the grave risks posed by those rushed, experimental COVID-19 vaccines, and (above all) the exploitation of the COVID crisis to promote a globalist agenda—are threatening to our very lives. In short, such “misinformation” is an existential threat, which—like “the Hun,” and then “the communists,” and then “the terrorists”—we must wipe out as soon as possibleby any means necessary.

Thus the corporate media are now ominously floating a “new definition of free speech,” meaning that “free speech” can’t be allowed if it “puts everyone at risk” by (somehow) enabling or encouraging “domestic terrorism”—just as congregation, including protests (except by BLM), can’t be allowed, as it “puts everyone at risk” of death by COVID (and if you doubt that proposition on the basis of real scientific evidence, you’re a “conspiracy theorist,” and a threat yourself). The pretext for promoting this de facto cancellation of the  First Amendment was provided—one might say “made to order”—by last week’s “insurrection” at the Capitol; and all that it would take to shove that notion from the pages of the New York Times, Financial Times and other august outlets into actual legislation is an even more dramatic horror at the Capitol.

So let us hope that Biden makes it through the day unharmed, that Kamala takes office as Vice President, and that the whole affair goes off without a burst of gunfire from some “fascist” as meticulously groomed and well-positioned for the role as was Lee Harvey Oswald, with his official bio long since perfected, and black-magically appearing everywhere that very day. Let us hope, in other words, that those efficient signals of alarm from Biden’s people are genuine expressions of excessive partisan concern, and not portents of yet another “new Pearl Harbor,” this one meant to kill all dissidence by making it not just illegal but unconstitutional, so that America will be destroyed more thoroughly than any national enemy, or communist, or terrorist, could ever possibly have managed. 

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Hi, Mark. Could you expound upon the similarities between the Secret Service’s behavior in preparing for the 2020 inauguration and its actions in Dallas ‘63?

Also, could you provide a good starting place/resource for looking into the role of the Secret Service in the JFK assassination? Thanks for your provocative and insightful remarks, as always.

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