FBI affidavit in re: Simone Gold’s “crime” in the Capitol

She was certainly there, and made a speech. As the crowd had been ushered in by Capitol police—as several videos have made inarguably clear—she rightly assumed that it was legal to be on the premises. 

That was a crime? If so, my sharing this—and your reading it—could easily be crimes as well. 

Affidavit Link:

2 replies on “FBI affidavit in re: Simone Gold’s “crime” in the Capitol”

If the Capital Police allowed entry into the US Capital are they not guilty of a crime as well? Even worse, to allow traffic inside while congress is in session? Huge Security breach. Heads need to roll, people need to be fired. Or, is is one big hoax? Was it planned? Congress needs to hold a televised inquiry into the security breach. This is big. The security detail was a complete failure. Who was responsible?

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