Evidence that Antifa was, in fact, involved today

A few subscribers were offended by my thoughts on today’s protest in Washington, and the media’s version of it. As they didn’t get specific (one calls my email “shameful and insane,” without elaboration), I’m not sure exactly what I said that’s riled them. (I asked, and, if I stand corrected, I will share their information.)

If it’s the idea that the violence in the Capitol was actually the work of Antifa (that is, of saboteurs), here’s visual evidence supporting it.  (Progressives and conservatives who see “Antifa” as a genuine grass-roots movement of the left assume too much, I think, and indicate that they don’t know the history of such theatrics, long practiced by intelligence agencies, in Britain and the US, among other places.)   

From Colleen McGuire:

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Hi Mark, this is an interesting theory but what I don’t understand is the photo evidence. The bearded long haired man in the image could easily be a different person than the bearded long haired man standing in the Capital Rotunda photo. Do you agree? Also the image of the horned man at the BLM protest doesn’t include what his sign says. He easily could have been there as a counter protest. There’s a full image of his sign here:

All of these people have been identified numerous time on Twitter. They are they neonazis and Qanon people. Why so slapdash?

What does Jake Angeli (“Q Shaman”) have to do with Antifa? He seems to be a well known pro-Trump guy.

I think it’s worth looking into whether the break in was staged in some way, but Angeli does not prove this, as far as I know.

The full image of the Bearded Viking man in that supposed evidence shows that his signs says “Q Sent Me”. He is not Antifa, Antifa is not associated with you Q.

The other man with the beard pictured in a philly antifa photo is standing next to a man named Matthew Heimbach, a founder of the far-right White Student Union at Towson University. I do not think an anti-fascist and a white power type person would pose so jovially next to each other. Philly Antifa probably has that photo as a way to identify this person, because he was quite likely spotted at far right rallies in Philly.

Extremely, extremely poor fact checking. Absolutely shameful. Stop trying to create a narrative that doesn’t exist, you should really take this article down. I suppose it is possible that some antifa types were there, anything is possible, but there is absolutely no evidence yet to support that.

Hi Mark! Just listened to you on the Red Scare podcast and love your perspective. The guy with the horns, Jake Angeli aka the “Q Shaman” is not antifa-affiliated and never has been. He was at a BLM protest as a COUNTER-protestor/Q-promoter. This isn’t to say that there were no antifa affiliated people at the Capitol, just that he is not among them. To learn more about him, I’d recommend the Qanon Anonymous podcast who have been following him for months as well as other Qanon promoters. Thanks so much for continuing the fight against MSM propaganda.

Two tweet thread from one of the hosts of Qanon Anonymous, Travis View:

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