Could the new vaccines be causing all those “COVID deaths”? The case of Gibraltar.

From Keith Rushworth:

Tiny Gibraltar Shines Huge Light on Vaccine Deaths

Ever since the epidemic began, sorting genuine Covid deaths from others has been a major issue. Now we have the added problem of vaccines in the mix. The UK now allegedly has the highest daily “Covid death” rate ever. Even higher than the “First Wave,” in spite of the substantial degree of herd immunity that has inevitably accrued since the beginning. This atypical “Second Wave” coincides with the vaccine roll-out. Are the two connected?

Gibraltar, normally called simply “Gib,” provides a very clear picture. This tiny British Colony, barely three miles long, appended to the South coast of Spain, has only 32,000 residents. It had suffered relatively little from the epidemic before the 9th January this year, with only seventeen deaths for the whole period. The death rate was well down the Deaths per Million League Table. This was not due to isolation, since Spanish workers have continued to pour into Gib every morning, and back out every evening.

Since the 9th January “Covid deaths” per million have rocketed to Third Place on the Worldometer site. Thirty-six more deaths in little over a week. What changed on the Ninth? The RAF flew in nearly 6,000 Pfizer vaccines, cooled to -70C by dry ice. They were put to use quickly to avoid the risk of degradation. Tiny Gibraltar is like a petri dish; in no other place has there been such a brutally clear relationship between vaccine roll-out and increased “Covid deaths.” Local media and Government have not even referred to the obvious connection. And media elsewhere has conveniently not noticed. Yet failing to recognise that these deaths demand, at the very least, immediate investigation, requires a criminal failure of judgement.


Gibraltar Chronicle

UK Defence Journal

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What this article fails to point out, is that a week or so prior to these vaccines being administers, was a huge outbreak of COVID-19 at Elderly Residential Services. The vast majority of these deaths, as clearly published by the Government of Gibraltar have been residents of ERS. These residents are extremely old people (80 years plus) and some in bad health.
Also there is no reporting of how many of these people who died actually received the vaccine.
Again, Gibraltar being a small place actually makes it very difficult to cover up any details of who died.
Therefore it would seem the vaccine has not played a part in the sudden increased death rate in Gibraltar. The fact that the new strain has a higher contagion rate and the fact there was a break out in the nursing homes is the most likely factor.

In reply to the above Gibraltar Government misinformed spokesman.
If in fact there was a huge outbreak of SARS-COV2 at the Elderly Residential Services prior to the vaccines being administered:
Why were these elderly persons not sent immediately to Hospital for treatment?
Why were these elderly persons not administered prophylactic treatment prior to the outbreak? e.g. – Vitamin D – which has been known to reduce deaths in Spain and elsewhere by 700%.
Why were these elderly persons not treated with known and readily available highly effective treatments? e.g. : Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc + Azytrhomycin proven by thousands of doctors around the world to be an effective treatment for SARS-COV2.
Or Ivermectin? Or Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide? Or Budosenide? Or Quercetin + Zinc? All proven a thousand times over as extremely effective in preventing the cytokine storm which is the catalyst for ARDS the main cause of fatalities in these type of disease.
You say “These residents are extremely old people (80 years plus) and some in bad health.” – Are you saying they should be just left to die? What if it was you or your father or mother in this predicament? Would you still maintain the same attitude? Perhaps you would.
You say “There is no reporting of how many of these people who died actually received the vaccine.” – I ask you why is the Government of Gibraltar hiding this information? Surely if there was no connection HMGoG would have immediately added the caveat: That none of the decease had in fact been vaccinated. Would they not? Why don’t they investigate whether there is in fact a direction connection with MRNA “vaccines” (they are not vaccines, they are a biological experimental device) and these deaths?
Further, all these SARS-COV2 “positive cases” is nonsense – I suggest you read the WHO’s latest statement “WHO information Notice for IVD Users 2020/05” in it they state that people who test positive for COVID-19 may not actually have COVID-19, known as false positives.
We KNOW what is going on and we are onto you. The truth will come out and sooner than you think. I will not bother replying to any more comments you may make. Carry on with the DISINFORMATION but you cannot change the truth.

“Yes, “massacre” is the correct term here, and another government official seemingly guilty of mass murder.

Do you see the pattern developing here? Inject the elderly first, watch them die by lethal injection, and then blame it on the virus, while encouraging everyone else to get the “vaccine” to protect themselves.

The sad thing is that, this is actually working. People are not resisting. Crowds are not rising up to protect the helpless, and imprison the murderous tyrants.

They’re obeying their government by being “good citizens” and wearing their masks, practicing social distancing, and staying home – just as they’re told to do.”


Rushworth claims Gibraltar “had suffered relatively little from the epidemic before the 9th January this year, with only seventeen deaths for the whole period.”

Conveniently he leaves out any mention of the big case spike that began in mid-December, or the fact that eight of those sixteen deaths had occurred in the ten days prior to the start of the vaccination campaign.

He also neglects to mention that vaccines aren’t given to people with active infections, and that it usually takes about three weeks for a COVID infection to kill a person. So it’s very likely that there’s almost no overlap between those who got the vaccine and those who died of COVID in the weeks after the vaccination campaign started.

Seems like that would have been an easy thing to check.

The truth is coming out already and is spreading faster than this made up “virus”.
We do KNOW that the greatest spreaders of MISINFORMATION are the state controlled media. The BBC and UK government is guilty of this, and the prosecutions will begin soon.

Bryce is ill informed
I just checked the Gibraltar government CV19 information site
The deaths increase in frequency from the 9th ( 4 on the 10th )
There is no prior December spike.
Weekly mortality rates for 2021 are as follows
28-3rd 2
4- 10th 8
11-18th 27
19-24th 18
This information took minuets to find and double check
In Nepal we stopped all lockdown protocol back in October and went back to normal life.
Pandemic exists only on the news here not in reality. I helped a heart valve replacement operation take place here at the Gangalal Hospital in December. On January 8th I was present for the check up and while visiting the hospital took a look in on the Covid ward. It was empty.



In response to David Smith. “POOF”, so out of nowhere there is a huge outbreak- A an effect without a cause? Is that what you believe to be true? An environment where all the staff was likely wearing protective gear and limiting the outside exposure. I guess “The Viruses” simply walked in to the facility, signed in, and proceeded to be inhaled by the elderly residents. You state that there was no… “reporting of how many of these people who died actually received the vaccine.” but a few sentences earlier you state….” a week or so PRIOR TO THE VACCINES there was a huge outbreak…” You also reference the Govt of Gibralter to support your :story” as though it would be unimaginable that the Govt of Gibralter would be influenced in any way by the WHO, Fauci, Tedros or Gates- God Forbid! Try this on for size–>

Gibraltar had a flu campaign with 95% success in September and October, the neighbour separated by a fence is La Linea, its data is in the Junta Andalucía stats campo Gibraltar Oeste.

The case detection method flawed or otherwise is the same on both sides, and what we seen was a synchronous rise and fall in cases, and same with rates of hospitalisations.

Campo Oeste has 3x the population of Gibraltar, in December when you extrapolate the data out, the increase in deaths in Gibraltar was 15x its neighbour which is odd for one unique region.

When you dig deeper the neighbours were criticised for having a very poor flu vaccine uptake, they are overtly sceptical, maybe a legacy from previous times.

When the winged angels flew into Gibraltar with the pfizer stock
the divergence in outcomes changed, its 3x.

I believe we are seeing the same pathogenic priming as this article states but the initiation event was flu campaign, and then compounded with the later introduction Pfizer, as this divergence continues in one epidemiological region we effectively have two petri dishes separated by a fence.

We have same case rates, we have same hospital rates, we have vastly divergent death rates, so correct this does warrant further investigation, why would the numbers diverge so much is not explained quite as simply as first appears but the flu vaccine strong correlation and continued Pfizer correlation, is certainly strong indicators that a pharmaceutical intervention is perhaps the cause – possibly enhanced by a wild outbreak but not that alone.

As Gibraltar now enters the next phase and doses out 2nd inoculations the big what if question arises, if indeed ADE is what is being seen, then we are seeing a grim warning of worse things to come amongst those now being inoculated in much younger populations.

What is more worrisome is the insistence it is safe fully tested and without concern, that there is no natural immunity (ignoring the long term conferred T-cell responses in convalescents implicating ongoing protection), that it is not seasonal (they cited CBC, or similar) and ever-present, and that the only possible way forward is everyone to be vaccinated, for increased vitality and community benefit these statements from local news and official sources.

There is no mention of the clinical warnings of ADE within the informed consent, which is very curious.

Worthy investigating. – mitter81 is my twitter handle, and I am only presenting observations as hypothesis, its the trend divergence which caught my attention.

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UK aged care manager, whistleblower. Here verbal statement is here. She has noted increased excess mortality after the first jab of vaccine at her centre. They had been virtually covid free and managing well prior to that. Note the comment about how she cannot report the issue without fear of losing her job. But it has been shared on a private blog with other aged care managers, and they are all experiencing the same phenomen.

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