“Contagion” as propaganda, not just in its time (2011), but DURING the COVID crisis

From Kevin Moore:

Dear Professor Miller,

I hope this note finds you well, the state of the world these days notwithstanding. I’ve been an interested follower of your work and email list for some time, and want to pass along an article that might be of note to you and your readers. In a podcast interview you gave last fall, you mentioned in an aside the film Contagion as a “propaganda film.” I suspect you may already know all this history, but I just want to pass along to you an article I recently published documenting the film’s original influence agenda. It also addresses the very weird set of PSAs created in collaboration with Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health last spring, “reuniting” the film’s cast. Here is the link if you are interested:

Thank you for all your recent work and commentary. I, too, teach a course on propaganda, and your Bernays edition (and introduction) is a core touchstone for us. Again, I hope you are as well as possible amid this challenging (and weird) time.

All best,
Kevin Moore

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