Chlorine dioxide could save your life, according to this respected doctor. So why no news about it? (That’s a rhetorical question)

From Kathy Dopp:

I received this first link originally from David Webber, whom I’ve worked with on election integrity issues, and then listened to the video interview today and then started doing further investigation of Dr. Andreas Kalcker’s web site where he is giving free video instructions on how to make and use this cure at various stages (from prevention to curing serious cases where the lungs/blood has already become incapable of carrying oxygen to the cells):

Scroll down and listen first to this video to understand why chlorine dioxide prevents and cures Covid-19.

[KD: Chlorine Dioxide delivers oxygen to the cells directly from the alimentary system, so this cure is highly effective for serious Covid-19 patients whose lungs are delivering insufficient oxygen via the blood.]
[KD: Dr. Kalcker speaks 4 languages, so click on the ENGLISH button in all four spots on the page. Click on the video to see his video for how to make Clorine Dioxide.]

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