Breadlines stretch across America, “our free press” blacks them out; and Michael Moore demands a mass “uprising”—against Trump, over COVID.

This (scroll down) is a revolutionary situation—which cannot properly explode, with everybody “social-distancing,” and congregation of all kinds largely banned: a lockdown that “the left” applauds.

Check out Michael Moore’s demand for an “uprising”—against Trump, who, Moore claims, is personally responsible for all the US “COVID deaths” thus far, including what Moore claims are the 3,700 deaths-by-COVID-19 every day.

Thus Moore tacitly approves the lockdowns, and their shattering economic consequences for the have-nots here and all over the world—a policy that will only become more oppressive under Biden/Harris. Rather than demand a national “uprising” against that (or against the rush to install Biden/Harris, notwithstanding all the glaring signs of theft in this month’s election), Moore wants a mass “uprising” against Trump—and not against those governors who ordered COVID patients into nursing homes (accounting for some 40% of the fatality rate in those five states), or against the CDC et al. for blacking out the truth about HCQ, Ivermectin and the other quite effective remedies that would be saving lives today if people knew of them, and doctors were permitted to prescribe them, or against the Gates Foundation for its lavish funding of the bogus “science” on which the worldwide lockdown has been based. Moore wants us at the barricades, moreover, not to protest the obscene further profits lately realized by the planet’s uber-rich, at the obvious expense of many millions of the rest of us, but to (somehow) save those (alleged) thousands killed each and every day by COVID-19/Trump.  

That “uprising” would accomplish what? Trump’s ouster, which is clearly in the works already? Or an assault on the White House, to take Trump into custody for refusing to go quietly, if he does refuse? Will Michael Moore lead that “uprising”? And when it meets mass resistance, will he want the military to open fire in his defense? 

People are starving all over the country. How are they doing in Moore’s beloved Flint? Does he think they should focus now on an “uprising” against Trump, in favor of, say, universal mandatory masking/vaccination, and a national quarantine to “crush the curve” at last? Is that what they’re concerned about in Flint, and all the other places ravaged by the policies that Moore apparently approves? 

With “leftists” like these, who needs fascists?   

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