Before they make discussing it a crime, here’s some TRUTH about that “insurrection” in the Capitol, and the abundant evidence that, this time, the DEMOCRATIC victory was stolen

While the right apparently believes that their side has never stolen an election, when in fact they’ve stolen contest after contest, especially since 2000, the “left” is just as mindlessly convinced that there’s “no evidence” that, this time around, their side stole the White House (and the Senate). Their claim that there’s “no evidence” of theft for Biden/Harris is every bit as false as it was back when the 
Republicans were spinning it in favor of Bush/Cheney. 

And it’s just as false as their portrayal of the fracas in the Capitol as an “attempted coup,” an “insurrection,” a “violent assault” on the great citadel of Our Democracy, by a (Putin-financed) “fascist” army. The evidence that that occurrence was a psy-op, managed to provide the pretext for the ongoing crackdown on political and intellectual dissent (a/k/a “conspiracy theory”), is wholly sound, with ever more of it emerging, though ever fewer of us can know it, as censorship intensifies online. 

For this reason, Paul Craig Roberts’ overview of just some of the evidence of theft and orchestration is invaluable. (My only beef is that it over-emphasizes Shiva Ayyadurai’s findings, he not being the most reliable resource.) Whatever one’s opinion of our soon-to-be-ex-president (my own is low), those of us who care about the difference between truth and lie are more obliged than ever now to tell that all-important difference, loud and clear.   

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