Assange’s win appears to be a Pyrrhic one (and, for freedom of the press, not even that)

Here’s hoping he can get to Mexico.

From Michael Green:

Pyrrhic Victory!
A small comment on Julian Assange’s fate: Judge Vanessa Baraitser not only affirmed the probity of the US request to extradite Julian Assange were it not for his deteriorated mental condition that includes a severe risk of suicide, thus smashing freedom of the press, but she also placed Assange in the delicate position that he is safe so long as he remains mentally deranged and suicidal while recovery makes him vulnerable to extradition.  Here we can count on Great Britain to rise to the occasion and fulfill its moral obligation to nurse Julian back to mental health—keeping him “confined” but not “incarcerated”—so it can then send him off to the end that the US and Great Britain proclaim he deserves. – Michael Green

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