Anyone interested in researching what really happened in the Capitol?

From Colleen McGuire:

I created a spread sheet of the Capitol defendants — name, state, links to criminal complaint, DOJ affidavit and news articles.  See attached.  I also uploaded it to google drive.   

I feel the legal cases and outcome of the defendants should be monitored in hopes that the info will assist an investigative journalist to tell the story of whether a psy op happened on January 6.  

I’m not looking to take this project on myself.  The Excel is like a starter seed.  It took me quite a while to put the spreadsheet together and there’s more to add too.  Dissecting the Capitol event will be as hydra-headed in complexity as 911, i predict, with as vast a cast of characters.  

Perhaps if you post a call-out on NFU, a resourceful person or organization will step forward to take this project on.   

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I am an amateur OSINT investigator and would like to offer some assistance with this if you are interested…maybe get some background the individuals and assist in keeping up on up coming actions regarding their legal proceedings.

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