250+ lovers of the written word demand NO book deals for members of the Trump administration

These “liberal” patriots intent on silencing all members of the Trump administration, for contributing to “evil,” demanded no such step against members of the (second) Bush administration—including, among others, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, John Bolton, John Yoo (a Trump defender), and George W. Bush himself, all of whom have profited from their memoirs (and, in Bush’s case, a volume of his paintings)—presumably because what they did, in Iraq and Afghanistan, at Gitmo, and in torture chambers all over the world, was not as “evil” as the fracas in the Capitol. 

Nor was there any such demand for the book industry to shun the likes of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton (author of Hard Choices), Susan Rice (author of Tough Love), Robert Gates, or anybody else on Team Obama, including Obama himself (and, “in her own write,” Michelle), presumably because what they did, in Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Pakistan, as well as Iraq and Afghanistan, and in Ukraine, was not as evil as the fracas in the Capitol. Nor was Obama’s drone war, including the summary execution of US citizens, or the persecution of Julian Assange (which Trump stepped up), as evil as the fracas in the Capitol.  

If there’s any evidence that Trump and his administration were, in fact, fascistic, let’s discuss it. I would call this letter indisputably fascistic; but if there’s any argument against that claim, let’s hear it. 

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