What is “controlled opposition”? Read this, then look around.

From Mike Champine (on Facebook):

What is controlled opposition? It’s a term that gets thrown around now and then. But most people, even the brightest and smartest minds, don’t seem to actually know what it is or how to spot it, and most seem to fall for it. I fell for it in the past, I admit it. I know others who have also, and had to learn their lesson. 

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” — That quote is attributed to Lenin. I’m not sure if he really said it. It doesn’t matter to me if he said it, or who said it. Whoever said it, this is exactly what the “elites”, “the establishment”, “the ruling class”, “the powers that be”, “the deep state”, the “shadow government”, “the leaders of the planet”  — whatever you want to call them — this is exactly what they believe, and practice. Controlled opposition is one of their most effective weapons, because it’s a psychological weapon. The establishment uses mind tricks and plays mind games on genuinely good people that are genuinely opposed to their attacks on our civil liberties and their crimes against humanity. 

Put slightly differently, “controlled opposition” is.. opposition.. that is…controlled. Controlled opposition figures do in fact challenge establishment narratives, for example — but only in ways that the establishment allows to some degree. Controlled opposition figures often do tell the truth, but only aspects of the truth that the establishment tolerates. It is truth that does not actually threaten their power, but only appears to. The truths that the establishment wants the masses to ignore or remain ignorant of are omitted or spoken of as half-truths.

The controlled opposition or controlled resistance leader can also lie, but his or her lies will go largely unnoticed by the victims of the establishment’s psychological operation. What will be highlighted is the controlled resistance leader’s “abuse” by the establishment. The abuse may be “staged”, but it may also be very real.

Controlled opposition figures can also be “sacrificed”, so to speak, by their controllers. When the elite has got what they want out of them, they can be kicked to the curb — couped, demoted, fired, jailed, killed, or destroyed in other ways.

Controlled opposition figures tend to be widely known public figures. You will see their names in corporate media, or they will run for political office (and sometimes they will win an election). If a person you respect is criticized by the MSM, you should take the fact that they appeared in MSM in the first place as a red flag. If they truly were a threat to the elite, their names and what they have to say would never be covered in an establishment newspaper or website that could be viewed widely by the public. They would be censored, silenced, blacked out, like many of us on social media are.

We do not need a savior in the form of a politician, a businessman, a journalist, a doctor or any other “expert” to come and save us from the nightmare that our “leaders” have created for us. When we trust popular “heroes” to come and rescue us, yet fail to see the puppet strings that might be attached to them, we will be lured into a trap that the powers that shouldn’t be have set for us. And they will be laughing, because we fell into their trap – without even realizing it. They are masters of manipulation and mind control. Beware and don’t let your guard down.

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Thank you for this thoughtful piece. I see a major player now who I suspect is being used in this way. He has “inside” information but talks way too much.
Unfortunately, in todays climate, I have to be cautious of you, due purely to your position in academia. This, despite being a public school teacher myself. Such is our world. I pray for discernment.
Thank you.

Lately I have been wondering if RFK Jr and Del Bigtree (and possibly even Andrew Wakefield) are controlled opposition. Sadly. I truly thought they were heroes. But things they say and their demeanors have just not been resonating with me over the past year. They report on certain things, but other things they don’t report or when they do it’s not in-depth, some things they say do not strike me as true. It’s like an instinct, a gut instinct coupled with simple logic. I’m no genius but have a knack for spotting lies. I have a very sharp memory so when someone says something my brain acts like a catalog and I will remember some little mundane thing they said – even years ago, in passing – which contradicts that irrefutably. I hope I’m wrong but lately more and more, am coming to the conclusion that they are likely controlled oppo

Thank you. This explains a lot! I have wondered about a certain “conspiracy theory,” whose followers are sincere and patriotic and whose news seems to be at least partly true, but certain parts of it seem to me to be distractions from what is really going on and false hopes that keep its followers waiting on a hero who hasn’t showed up and, I expect, never will. I have wondered if the movement isn’t really controlled by the other side, who keeps the followers barking up the wrong tree while gathering information against them to use later. It’s been done before.

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